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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Invasión

  2. Simon Clio's rating of the film Invasión

    Co-scénariste, Jorge Luis borges

  3. My Paredros's rating of the film Invasión

    "besieged by powerful enemies and defended by a handful of men, who may not be heroes" insane sound production; footfall

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Invasión

    TIFF '11 A major discovery in the city to city programme this year. 1969 pic from Hugo Santiago. A speculative pic imagining a group plotting against an invading force who may already be in power. Predates the military dictatorship but was perhaps warning of the possiblility as well. Amazing story by Jorge Luis Borges and Cassares. Super stylish b&w images with impeccable design and costume. A real find.

  5. tsienni's rating of the film Invasión

    Truly an underrated masterpiece #film in spellbinding black and white! It showed great aplomb in blending the modern and the classic. Argentina has seen struggles, hence a soul.

  6. Halim Cillov's rating of the film Invasión

    I am dying to watch this film. Does anyone know where can I do it?

  7. 張大智's rating of the film Invasión

    Eastern and European elements meet in this elegant film that never forgets its Argentine roots. Among the inspired characters; poets, ladies men, and Melville-esque samurai-gunmen trying to revolt against corrupt invaders. All superbly shot in a thinly veiled Buenos Aires. A sleeper with great poetic ideas by no less than Borges himself. Worthy of discovery and praise.

  8. obttaa's rating of the film Invasión

    Fascinating. Una cinta hecha con mucha garra, elegancia, pero sobre todo, con mucho talento. Lo cierto es que, ya no las hacen así.