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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Kamran's rating of the film Invention

    [REVIEW] 90/100 - Invention (Mark Lewis, UK/Canada) With a great attention to light movement, space, and time, Invention provokes feelings of introspection and reflection in its viewers. Read full review:

  2. Roger Larry's rating of the film Invention

    An exquisite and awe inspiring reinvention of the 'City Symphony" films like "Man with A Movie Camera". This stunning, epic and nearly silent film is must see for filmmakers critics and cineastes. Mark Lewis's film installations have long been revered in the international contemporary art world, with this first "feature" Lewis has emerged as one of the most exciting visionaries in CInema today.

  3. Maddie's rating of the film Invention

    four stars when the segments are screened individually. one star when assembled together the way the filmmaker has done, without a clear thesis or arc.