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  1. Photo of Susanne Widl

    Susanne Widl Cast

  2. Photo of Peter Weibel

    Peter Weibel Cast and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Josef Plavec

    Josef Plavec Cast

  4. Photo of Monica Helfer-Friedrich

    Monica Helfer-Friedrich Cast

  5. Photo of Helke Sander

    Helke Sander Cast

  6. Photo of Dominick Dusek

    Dominick Dusek Cast

  7. Photo of Herbert Schmid

    Herbert Schmid Cast

  8. Photo of Edward Neversal

    Edward Neversal Cast

  9. Photo of Wolfgang Simon

    Wolfgang Simon Cinematography

  10. Photo of Herbert Baumgartner

    Herbert Baumgartner Editing

  11. Photo of Valie Export

    Valie Export Editing, Director, Screenplay Producer

  12. Photo of Klaus Hundsbichler

    Klaus Hundsbichler Sound