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  1. Photo of Pasquale Falcone

    Pasquale Falcone Screenplay, Cast Director

  2. Photo of Maurizio Casagrande

    Maurizio Casagrande Cast

  3. Photo of Ornella Muti

    Ornella Muti Cast

  4. Photo of Rosaria De Cicco

    Rosaria De Cicco Cast

  5. Photo of Antonio Stornaiolo

    Antonio Stornaiolo Cast

  6. Photo of Fabio Massa

    Fabio Massa Cast

  7. Photo of Aessandro Haber

    Aessandro Haber Cast

  8. Photo of Claudio Coccoluto

    Claudio Coccoluto Cast

  9. Photo of Antonio Casagrande

    Antonio Casagrande Cast

  10. Photo of Elena Baldi

    Elena Baldi Cast

  11. Photo of Maurizio Ambroselli

    Maurizio Ambroselli Cast

  12. Photo of Paolo Albano

    Paolo Albano Cast

  13. Photo of Antonello Emidi

    Antonello Emidi Cinematography

  14. Photo of Giovanna Cucinotta

    Giovanna Cucinotta Music

  15. Photo of Marco Randazzo

    Marco Randazzo Music

  16. Photo of María Grazia Cucinotta

    María Grazia Cucinotta Producer and Cast

  17. Photo of Gianluca Vatore

    Gianluca Vatore Editing