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  1. Photo of Don Taylor

    Don Taylor Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Euripides

    Euripides Play

  3. Photo of Roy Marsden

    Roy Marsden Cast

  4. Photo of Fiona Shaw

    Fiona Shaw Cast

  5. Photo of Imogen Boorman

    Imogen Boorman Cast

  6. Photo of Tim Woodward

    Tim Woodward Cast

  7. Photo of Graham Sinclair

    Graham Sinclair Cast

  8. Photo of Colin Wells

    Colin Wells Cast

  9. Photo of Jason Durr

    Jason Durr Cast

  10. Photo of Tyler Butterworth

    Tyler Butterworth Cast

  11. Photo of Eric Allan

    Eric Allan Cast

  12. Photo of Morag Hood

    Morag Hood Cast

  13. Photo of Tessa Peake-Jones

    Tessa Peake-Jones Cast

  14. Photo of Janet Maw

    Janet Maw Cast

  15. Photo of Deborah Makepeace

    Deborah Makepeace Cast

  16. Photo of Ruth Mitchell

    Ruth Mitchell Cast

  17. Photo of Joanna Myers

    Joanna Myers Cast

  18. Photo of Emma Piper

    Emma Piper Cast

  19. Photo of Celestine Randall

    Celestine Randall Cast

  20. Photo of Hetta Charnley

    Hetta Charnley Cast

  21. Photo of Susan Curnow

    Susan Curnow Cast

  22. Photo of James Hicks

    James Hicks Cast

  23. Photo of Antony Gabriel

    Antony Gabriel Cast

  24. Photo of Dominic Arnold

    Dominic Arnold Cast

  25. Photo of Richard Ryan

    Richard Ryan Cast

  26. Photo of David Monteath

    David Monteath Cast

  27. Photo of Derek Bourgeois

    Derek Bourgeois Music

  28. Photo of Melanie O'Toole

    Melanie O'Toole Production Design

  29. Photo of Alison Rickman

    Alison Rickman Production Design

  30. Photo of Louis Marks

    Louis Marks Producer

  31. Photo of June Hudson

    June Hudson Costume Design