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  1. müteahhit's rating of the film Irreversible

    Gaspar Noe is a GENIUS. So is Benoit Debie. I would like to be in Rectum and experience the horrors of that place (only with Thomas Bangalter's music)!

  2. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Irreversible

    weird backward trip - everything can be changed so quick !

  3. Nagisa201's rating of the film Irreversible

    A movie that will leave you in a void of thought afterwards

  4. Iryna Kovalchuk's rating of the film Irreversible

    one of the best diverse stories I've ever seen - it makes you feel intensive despite the fact of knowing the end at the very beginning - the form and scope of it makes the feeling even brighter - brave but simple cinematography influence it to the full

  5. Onbestendig's rating of the film Irreversible

  6. freskonthesfenks's rating of the film Irreversible

    Horrible rape scene. Mind blowing camera techniques. Disturbing and awesome.

  7. Maudy Puteri Agusdina's rating of the film Irreversible

    3.5/5. Got it on the list : violence, humanity, anger, love, birth, death. Great but I feel I need something deeper to see.... Feels like something left and dubious.

  8. pierce.giurintano's rating of the film Irreversible

    This thriller from the early 2000's is a dark look at the cruel side of reality that presents revenge, agony, and despair. Because of this I walked away from this movie with a negative opinion. All of those themes I picked up on made the production and overall quality a little too unrealistic for my liking. Long story short, this french flick was very controversial upon its release and still is to this day.

  9. bucharestaesthetics's rating of the film Irreversible

  10. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Irreversible

  11. Harriehhh's rating of the film Irreversible

    I don't really know how to rate this because while I can fully appreciate it from a technical standpoint, the extreme nature of the film is something that's much harder to scale down. It's not easy to watch to say the least – probably the single most traumatic film experience I have ever had – but the sheer weight and lasting effect it has is undeniable.

  12. christian's rating of the film Irreversible

    Stupid movie.. Obviously made only so that the director can fulfill his fantasies of staring at Monica Bellucci being naked and raped..

  13. Pango's rating of the film Irreversible

  14. Chearth's rating of the film Irreversible

  15. davidscottlewis's rating of the film Irreversible

    This was disgusting. I almost threw up watching it -- and I couldn't finish watching it, either.

  16. Paul Davidson's rating of the film Irreversible

    10 minutes in, and I'm done. Annoying!

  17. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Irreversible

    A good, powerful movie severely hampered by constant extreme camera movement.

  18. Nick Potter's rating of the film Irreversible

    As a technical film, sure, I get it. The camerawork is pretty when it isn't dizzying, and the plot structure is fascinating even though Memento did it the year before. Beyond that, this isn't good. It's clear that the film has no script because the dialogue is so improvised and ridiculous. This is violence for the sake of violence and there's no place for it. Congrats, you got a reaction. I'm done with this.

  19. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Irreversible

    (4.5 stars) Not a good date movie. (Just a warning). Monica Bellucci gives the BRAVEST performance I've ever seen on film. Mesmerizing cinematography elevates the backwards narrative to more than just a cinematic trick.

  20. Aubre Lightner's rating of the film Irreversible

    Beautiful color. Brutal tension. Thought provoking.

  21. Timbo of Boston's rating of the film Irreversible

    I saw this before it ever came to the states and thought it would never screen. This is pretty rough stuff. Exposited in reverse, Noe seeks to provoke. It is about fate and choices made, unpredictability and the interconnectedness of things. While I was shaken, I afterward found the reverse order and trauma brought an unexpected thoughtfulness and calm to my interactions with the world. It is a subversive masterpiece

  22. jeremy foley's rating of the film Irreversible

    Wow...I've only just started to discover Gaspar Noe, but I have to say there is nothing else quite like him, at least nothing I'm seeing, this was riveting and disturbing and painful, but I do find myself thinking of the films days and weeks after I watch them - and to me that is so impressive, loved the end...powerful stuff, really one of a kind and I'm looking forward to watching his next film

  23. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Irreversible

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had a harder time with a film, especially one this worthy of praise. This is a brutal film, but, despite it’s reputation, not one without tenderness and beauty. One of the most overused phrases in criticism is “like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” I think I can honestly use that phrase in application to this film.

  24. Erik F.'s rating of the film Irreversible

    The most unnerving aspect of this film wasn't either of the two notorious scenes (both of which were actually tamer than I was expecting), but the extreme contrast between the first half and the second half -- the hellish and the halcyon -- and the reminder that every single one of us could be weeks, days, or mere hours away from a tragic or traumatic event that we can't foresee or prevent ... or reverse.

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