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  1. Photo of Frédéric Dard

    Frédéric Dard Screenplay

  2. Photo of Victor Lanoux

    Victor Lanoux Cast

  3. Photo of Jacques Dutronc

    Jacques Dutronc Cast

  4. Photo of Jacqueline Maillan

    Jacqueline Maillan Cast

  5. Photo of Michel Galabru

    Michel Galabru Cast

  6. Photo of Dominique Lavanant

    Dominique Lavanant Cast

  7. Photo of Andréa Ferréol

    Andréa Ferréol Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-François Stévenin

    Jean-François Stévenin Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Luc Bideau

    Jean-Luc Bideau Cast

  10. Photo of Emmanuelle Riva

    Emmanuelle Riva Cast

  11. Photo of Marion Peterson

    Marion Peterson Cast

  12. Photo of François Cavanna

    François Cavanna Cast

  13. Photo of Jacques Dufilho

    Jacques Dufilho Cast

  14. Photo of Jean Barney

    Jean Barney Cast

  15. Photo of Alain Fourès

    Alain Fourès Cast

  16. Photo of Henri Poirier

    Henri Poirier Cast

  17. Photo of Alexandre Rignault

    Alexandre Rignault Cast

  18. Photo of Dominique Zardi

    Dominique Zardi Cast

  19. Photo of Michel Kelber

    Michel Kelber Cinematography

  20. Photo of Roger Loubet

    Roger Loubet Music

  21. Photo of Kim Doan

    Kim Doan Production Design

  22. Photo of Patrice Mercier

    Patrice Mercier Production Design

  23. Photo of Jean-Pierre Mocky

    Jean-Pierre Mocky Producer, Editing, Director Screenplay

  24. Photo of Jacques Dorfmann

    Jacques Dorfmann Producer

  25. Photo of Marco Cavé

    Marco Cavé Editing

  26. Photo of Catherine Renault

    Catherine Renault Editing