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  1. Photo of Jasques de Baroncelli

    Jasques de Baroncelli Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Loti

    Pierre Loti Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charles Vanel

    Charles Vanel Cast

  4. Photo of Sandra Milovanoff

    Sandra Milovanoff Cast

  5. Photo of Thomy Bourdelle

    Thomy Bourdelle Cast

  6. Photo of Claire Darcas

    Claire Darcas Cast

  7. Photo of Félix Mounet

    Félix Mounet Cast

  8. Photo of Roger San Juana

    Roger San Juana Cast

  9. Photo of Noémi Seize

    Noémi Seize Cast

  10. Photo of Abel Sovet

    Abel Sovet Cast

  11. Photo of Jean Wells

    Jean Wells Cast

  12. Photo of Louis Chaix

    Louis Chaix Cinematography

  13. Photo of Jacques de Baroncelli

    Jacques de Baroncelli Producer and Screenplay