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Ratings & Reviews

  1. José Neves's rating of the film Island in the Sun

    35mm. Sacred classic cinema: Zanuck produced and swallowed his director in a luxury scheme (scope, technicolor, stars) and in an uninteresting fiction (a pile of soap-opera common places), where the worst is what the film reveals against its own will: Hollywood's colonial invasion wherever went - racism it's not only a theme here, is inscribed in the images. With all this, Rossen was minimized.

  2. dschank's rating of the film Island in the Sun

    this is the late-fifties equivalent of contemporary hollywood "race" movies, which always seem more concerned with keeping a white audience comfortable than exploring the needs or interests of a non-white one. miscegenation taboos suck any residual eroticism from the two miscast inter-racial couples, and the film can't seem to figure out what to focus on. the kind of flick that probably drove james baldwin crazy.