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  1. Photo of José Fanha

    José Fanha Screenplay and Cast

  2. Photo of Leão Lopes

    Leão Lopes Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Henrique Teixeira de Sousa

    Henrique Teixeira de Sousa Screenplay

  4. Photo of João Lourenço

    João Lourenço Cast

  5. Photo of Marina Albuquerque

    Marina Albuquerque Cast

  6. Photo of Fernanda Alves

    Fernanda Alves Cast

  7. Photo of Camacho Costa

    Camacho Costa Cast

  8. Photo of Luísa Cruz

    Luísa Cruz Cast

  9. Photo of Isabel de Castro

    Isabel de Castro Cast

  10. Photo of Henrique Espírito Santo

    Henrique Espírito Santo Cast

  11. Photo of Laurinda Ferreira

    Laurinda Ferreira Cast

  12. Photo of Leandro Ferreira

    Leandro Ferreira Cast

  13. Photo of Filipe Ferrer

    Filipe Ferrer Cast

  14. Photo of Cecília Guimarães

    Cecília Guimarães Cast

  15. Photo of Betina Lopes

    Betina Lopes Cast

  16. Photo of João Abel Aboim

    João Abel Aboim Cinematography

  17. Photo of Manuel Paulo Felgueiras

    Manuel Paulo Felgueiras Music

  18. Photo of Miguel Mendes

    Miguel Mendes Production Design

  19. Photo of Paulo De Sousa

    Paulo De Sousa Producer

  20. Photo of Denise Vindevogel

    Denise Vindevogel Editing

  21. Photo of Francisco Veloso

    Francisco Veloso Sound

  22. Photo of Teresa Campos

    Teresa Campos Costume Design