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  1. Photo of Mikayil Mikayilov

    Mikayil Mikayilov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Qriqori Braginski

    Qriqori Braginski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Juka Mixelson

    Juka Mixelson Cast

  4. Photo of I. Dasdamirov

    I. Dasdamirov Cast

  5. Photo of Xeyri Amirzada

    Xeyri Amirzada Cast

  6. Photo of Aziza Mammadova

    Aziza Mammadova Cast

  7. Photo of Möhsün Sanani

    Möhsün Sanani Cast

  8. Photo of Panfiliya Tanailidi

    Panfiliya Tanailidi Cast

  9. Photo of Alisattar Malikov

    Alisattar Malikov Cast

  10. Photo of P. Murza

    P. Murza Cast

  11. Photo of Haqiqat Rzayeva

    Haqiqat Rzayeva Cast

  12. Photo of Mirza Ali

    Mirza Ali Cast

  13. Photo of Ali Qurbanov

    Ali Qurbanov Cast

  14. Photo of Izzat Oruczada

    Izzat Oruczada Cast

  15. Photo of Ahmad Qamarlinski

    Ahmad Qamarlinski Cast

  16. Photo of Fyodor Novitski

    Fyodor Novitski Cinematography

  17. Photo of Viktor Aden

    Viktor Aden Production Design