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  1. Diogo Pires's rating of the film It

    where the fuck is childcare? /// the (dick) jokes are old, overused and the fact there's a child saying those does not make them any better. horror-thriller scenes are laughable. I honestly think the kid's poem to his crush is probably the only thing worth watching. really poor.

  2. ashtraygirl's rating of the film It

    the old pennywise was scarier but the floating kids scene was epic though

  3. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film It

    would be kind of nice to see a major motion picture that isn't simply a bunch of shit you already know you like because you saw it already when you were a kid, strung together purely by charm. this was fine though

  4. theweirdestport's rating of the film It

  5. Ana Sousa's rating of the film It

    It's all very well explained in the article below, so I won't even bother once again, repeating the same story over and over again. // And please, fellow screenwriters who adapt novels like this one: GROW A PAIR. Of boobs, of course.↴

  6. DenoResandono's rating of the film It

    Well, I kinda feel the new Pennywise lacks of something. Maybe because in this movie he's just pure evil and less "clowny". Still, I liked this new interpretation tho. IT succeed to captured the true spirit from miniseries version (maybe the novel too). IT also explored the material more. That's why IT works. Somehow I still prefer the 1990's version. I don't know why. Maybe because - its - nostalgia sake. I guess...

  7. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film It

    The opening sequence was so good that it infuriates me that the rest of the movie didn't match its heights. Still enjoyable as fuck, though

  8. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film It

    Entertaining yet frustrating experience! The cast and the dramatic parts work well and it is here that the movie finds its voice and footing. Sadly enough the movie falters every time it tries to be scary by throwing lame jump scares at the audience thinking that a sudden jolt equals true dread. The real horror however comes from the community, family and peers in Derry, not the clown.

  9. Tom Cottey's rating of the film It

  10. bima ferdinandsyah's rating of the film It

    i genuinely enjoyed IT, the characters were great and penywise got a good amount of screentime. I don't understand how something can look silly and be scary at the same time. this is the first time where I feel like I'm scared but also kind of laughing. Pennywise looks kind of silly, but some of the scenes were scary. Not "shit your pants" scary, but very unsettling. 10/10 for the gazebo joke alone

  11. Daniel S.'s rating of the film It

    **1/2. A digest of 'Carrie', 'The Shining' and 'Stand by Me'. It could have been called 'The Young Girl and the Blood' as, all in all, Sophia Lillis's emerging womanhood appears as the catalyst of this story meant to scare kids, teenagers and neurotic adults. Almost already forgotten.

  12. Zach Closs's rating of the film It

    While nothing revelatory, the cast is exceptional, and it looks pretty. The scare tactics do quickly become predictable and repetitive, resulting in a draggy climax. I also wish the excellent Skarsgård had more time to actually act; Pennywise is reduced to CGI all too often. Its greatest sin is the treatment of Beverly, who is sexualized mere minutes after we learn she's being abused by her father.

  13. ceknklsn's rating of the film It

    31/100 (Orospu çocukları yeter artık yeter. Bıktım sizin Pr çalışmalarınıza kanıp hem para hem vakit kaybettiğim filmlerden. Ya bu Imdb'sini 8,0 yapan haysiyetsizler, metascore puanını 70 yapan satılmış eleştirmenler, kitabı oku öyle konuş diyenlere de, filmde tacizcilere dokundurma var diyenlere de kafam girsin. Yeter artık. Sıktınız artık. Eski zamanları anlatan her filmin metascore puanı 60 üstü. Mal mısınız siz.)

  14. Mr.Rager's rating of the film It

    The hype generated by this movie was huge, still is and it got to me too. But now i must say this is way overrated. There was a thin line between ridiculous and decent and often this movie steps on the wrong side. Horror not so much. More laughter than fright and fear. 5/10

  15. berat bayer's rating of the film It

    a horror blockbuster done right, a stephen king adaptation done wrong.

  16. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film It

  17. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film It

    It's loud and fast gatling-gun approach to scaremaking is interesting for its unapologetic physicality and immediacy in intention, but corners it as the pop horror Stephen King's underrated ubiquity does not save from being adapted to. It's cool seeing It's true form and other Kingian concepts on screen but an understated, expansive opus this is not-as always, save maybe for the Langoliers and the one w/ Ian Mckellen

  18. Ash's rating of the film It

    What a scary surprise! I was not expecting this film to be so gruesome and dark...

  19. captainfez's rating of the film It

    Finally a theme we can all get behind: a rag-tag bunch of misfits kicking fuck out of a deathless cosmic clown.

  20. telasi's rating of the film It

    ,5 for bill and the stranger things guy

  21. sebekk's rating of the film It

    Your hair is winter fire, January embers, My heart burns there too.

  22. F/K's rating of the film It

    As a coming of age story it works but it's needlessly long. As a horror film it's very boring and unimaginative. Overall my problem is with the source materiel itself.

  23. FCC 86's rating of the film It

  24. Rocco's rating of the film It

    Though IT is King's most bloated, problematic novel, this adaptation does the impossible by updating the story in ways that make sense, tossing the stuff that doesn't, and goosing up the soulful adolescent crap that's kept readers returning to it for 30 years. Though it's too noisy and clamorous to truly scare, it's an intense, heartfelt funhouse ride of frights. A new high water mark for mainstream horror.

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