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  1. Photo of Samuel Hopkins Adams

    Samuel Hopkins Adams Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert Riskin

    Robert Riskin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Clark Gable

    Clark Gable Cast

  4. Photo of Claudette Colbert

    Claudette Colbert Cast

  5. Photo of Walter Connolly

    Walter Connolly Cast

  6. Photo of Roscoe Karns

    Roscoe Karns Cast

  7. Photo of Frank Capra

    Frank Capra Producer and Director

  8. Photo of Joseph Walker

    Joseph Walker Cinematography

  9. Photo of Gene Havlick

    Gene Havlick Editing

  10. Photo of Jameson Thomas

    Jameson Thomas Cast

  11. Photo of Alan Hale

    Alan Hale Cast

  12. Photo of Arthur Hoyt

    Arthur Hoyt Cast

  13. Photo of Blanche Friderici

    Blanche Friderici Cast

  14. Photo of Charles C. Wilson

    Charles C. Wilson Cast

  15. Photo of Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Cast

  16. Photo of Ward Bond

    Ward Bond Cast

  17. Photo of Bess Flowers

    Bess Flowers Cast

  18. Photo of Harry Cohn

    Harry Cohn Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Howard Jackson

    Howard Jackson Music

  20. Photo of Stephen Goosson

    Stephen Goosson Production Design