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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film It Stains the Sands Red

    The opening 10 minutes seems to have annoying dialogue and obnoxious characters. Yet, once it's mostly Allen and the zombie's show, it ignites in galvanizing momentum, exciting creativity, and the initially bad dialogue gets humorous and quite intelligent in its stranded-in-peril-with-a-smile horrific situations. At the same time, the dramatic stakes are resonant and meaningful, but never force-fed or overbearing.

  2. João R's rating of the film It Stains the Sands Red

    While I appreciate the fact that this movie tried to bring other themes circling a zombie epidemy, unfortunately, this journey was not totally pleasant. It's not a bad movie, but it isn't amazing either.

  3. Palmat's rating of the film It Stains the Sands Red

    A decent twist on the zombie genre with a game actress and ok production values. While the writing is serviceable Minihan struggles to keep the narrative momentum going with mixed results. For every inspired moment there is formulaic boredom which makes this movie, despite its' short running time, sometimes a chore to get through. And the "redemptive" ending comes way too late to really hit home.