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  1. Photo of Daniele Ciprì

    Daniele Ciprì Director, Screenplay Cinematography

  2. Photo of Miriam Rizzo

    Miriam Rizzo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Massimo Gaudioso

    Massimo Gaudioso Screenplay

  4. Photo of Giorgio Magliulo

    Giorgio Magliulo Producer

  5. Photo of Alessandra Acciai

    Alessandra Acciai Producer

  6. Photo of Toni Servillo

    Toni Servillo Cast

  7. Photo of Giselda Volodi

    Giselda Volodi Cast

  8. Photo of Alfredo Castro

    Alfredo Castro Cast

  9. Photo of Fabrizio Falco

    Fabrizio Falco Cast

  10. Photo of Roberto Alajmo

    Roberto Alajmo Screenplay

  11. Photo of Mimmo Caiuli

    Mimmo Caiuli Cinematography

  12. Photo of Francesca Calvelli

    Francesca Calvelli Editing

  13. Photo of Alfredo Alvigini

    Alfredo Alvigini Editing

  14. Photo of Angelo Bonanni

    Angelo Bonanni Sound

  15. Photo of Carlo Crivelli

    Carlo Crivelli Music

  16. Photo of Marco Dentici

    Marco Dentici Production Design