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  1. Photo of Gabriele Salvatores

    Gabriele Salvatores Director

  2. Photo of Raffaello Fusaro

    Raffaello Fusaro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alessia Gatti

    Alessia Gatti Cast

  4. Photo of Nikolas Grasso

    Nikolas Grasso Cast

  5. Photo of Jack Arbuthnott

    Jack Arbuthnott Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Carlo Dusi

    Carlo Dusi Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Liza Marshall

    Liza Marshall Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Ridley Scott

    Ridley Scott Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Marco Cohen

    Marco Cohen Producer

  10. Photo of Fabrizio Donvito

    Fabrizio Donvito Producer

  11. Photo of Lorenzo Gangarossa

    Lorenzo Gangarossa Producer

  12. Photo of Benedetto Habib

    Benedetto Habib Producer

  13. Photo of Massimo Fiocchi

    Massimo Fiocchi Editing

  14. Photo of Chiara Griziotti

    Chiara Griziotti Editing