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  1. Photo of Nick Hurran

    Nick Hurran Director

  2. Photo of Jeff Abberley

    Jeff Abberley Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Julia Blackman

    Julia Blackman Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Patrice Theroux

    Patrice Theroux Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Steve Hamilton Shaw

    Steve Hamilton Shaw Producer

  6. Photo of Martin Katz

    Martin Katz Producer

  7. Photo of David Furnish

    David Furnish Producer

  8. Photo of Geoff Deane

    Geoff Deane Screenplay

  9. Photo of Steve Danyluk

    Steve Danyluk Cinematography

  10. Photo of Samaire Armstrong

    Samaire Armstrong Cast

  11. Photo of Kevin Zegers

    Kevin Zegers Cast

  12. Photo of Sherry Miller

    Sherry Miller Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Joy

    Robert Joy Cast

  14. Photo of Sharon Osbourne

    Sharon Osbourne Cast

  15. Photo of Maury Chaykin

    Maury Chaykin Cast

  16. Photo of Mpho Koaho

    Mpho Koaho Cast

  17. Photo of Dan Warry-Smith

    Dan Warry-Smith Cast

  18. Photo of Balázs Koós

    Balázs Koós Cast

  19. Photo of Emily Hampshire

    Emily Hampshire Cast

  20. Photo of Brooke D'Orsay

    Brooke D'Orsay Cast

  21. Photo of Kathryn Haggis

    Kathryn Haggis Cast

  22. Photo of Genelle Williams

    Genelle Williams Cast

  23. Photo of Alex Nussbaum

    Alex Nussbaum Cast

  24. Photo of Jack Duffy

    Jack Duffy Cast

  25. Photo of John Richards

    John Richards Editing

  26. Photo of Craig Lathrop

    Craig Lathrop Production Design

  27. Photo of Christian Henson

    Christian Henson Music

  28. Photo of Craig Baker

    Craig Baker Sound

  29. Photo of Donna Wong

    Donna Wong Costume Design