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  1. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film It's a Good Life

    Gran episodio de Joe Dante en "Twilight zone". Una filme satírico a la televisión. Vamos así: un niño es capaz de poder controlar todo lo que está a su alrededor y a logrado esclavizar a un grupo de adultos. Su hogar, una decoración de televisores emitiendo dibujos animados. Dante apela a la degradación de los mass media, el control, el espectáculo barato que perturba a través de sus imágenes violentas. Surrealista.

  2. Warren Spratley's rating of the film It's a Good Life

    My favorite Dante so far(still have many more to see). A guiding intelligence through this maze of color and light, feelings and culture, Dante always conveys the impression of a strong ethical/emotional dimension just barely keeping the surreality and expressionism from flying off in all directions. Moment by moment, Dante has it. His cuts, his images, his ideas in general always feel so alive, so dynamic.

  3. Greg S.'s rating of the film It's a Good Life

    I wish this could somehow be expanded to a full film. I love it, but it's almost frustrating that what might be Dante's purest work is a mere 20 something minutes. Along with Gremlins 2, showcases that Dante can be wacky and inventive in live action as any animation director. Rosenbaum including this in his 1000 essential films was a bold and badass move.

  4. Roscoe's rating of the film It's a Good Life

    A terrific short, from the TWILIGHT ZONE movie. Great mean fun. Enjoy.

  5. Brad S.'s rating of the film It's a Good Life

    Really? The "Twilight Zone: The Movie" segments are being listed as seperate shorts?