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  1. Photo of Haider Rashid

    Haider Rashid Director, Editing, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Abdullah Boushahri

    Abdullah Boushahri Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Donald Ranvaud

    Donald Ranvaud Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Tom Donald

    Tom Donald Music

  5. Photo of Alessio Valori

    Alessio Valori Cinematography

  6. Photo of Lorenzo Baglioni

    Lorenzo Baglioni Cast

  7. Photo of Mohamed Hanifi

    Mohamed Hanifi Cast

  8. Photo of Giulia Rupi

    Giulia Rupi Cast

  9. Photo of Amir Ati

    Amir Ati Cast

  10. Photo of Arthur Alexanian

    Arthur Alexanian Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Alexanian

    Michael Alexanian Cast

  12. Photo of Denny Bonicolini

    Denny Bonicolini Cast

  13. Photo of Luca Campostrini

    Luca Campostrini Cast

  14. Photo of Carlo Ciappi

    Carlo Ciappi Cast

  15. Photo of Francesco Grifoni

    Francesco Grifoni Cast