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  1. Photo of Phil Roman

    Phil Roman Director

  2. Photo of Charles M. Schulz

    Charles M. Schulz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dylan Beach

    Dylan Beach Cast

  4. Photo of Sarah Beach

    Sarah Beach Cast

  5. Photo of Greg Felton

    Greg Felton Cast

  6. Photo of Michelle Muller

    Michelle Muller Cast

  7. Photo of Gail Davis

    Gail Davis Cast

  8. Photo of Stuart Brotman

    Stuart Brotman Cast

  9. Photo of Liam Martin

    Liam Martin Cast

  10. Photo of Vinny Dow

    Vinny Dow Cast

  11. Photo of Bill Melendez

    Bill Melendez Cast and Producer

  12. Photo of Vince Guraldi

    Vince Guraldi Music

  13. Photo of Lee Mendelson

    Lee Mendelson Producer

  14. Photo of Roger Donley

    Roger Donley Editing

  15. Photo of Chuck McCann

    Chuck McCann Editing

  16. Photo of Bob Bachman

    Bob Bachman Animation

  17. Photo of Warren Batchelder

    Warren Batchelder Animation

  18. Photo of Sam Jaimes

    Sam Jaimes Animation

  19. Photo of Bill Littlejohn

    Bill Littlejohn Animation

  20. Photo of Don Lusk

    Don Lusk Animation

  21. Photo of Bob Matz

    Bob Matz Animation

  22. Photo of Al Pabian

    Al Pabian Animation

  23. Photo of Rudy Zamora

    Rudy Zamora Animation