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  1. Photo of Filippo Walter Ratti

    Filippo Walter Ratti Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens Screenplay

  3. Photo of Paolo Stoppa

    Paolo Stoppa Cast

  4. Photo of Isa Barzizza

    Isa Barzizza Cast

  5. Photo of Marcello Mastroianni

    Marcello Mastroianni Cast

  6. Photo of Giulio Donnini

    Giulio Donnini Cast

  7. Photo of Leda Gloria

    Leda Gloria Cast

  8. Photo of Giorgio De Lullo

    Giorgio De Lullo Cast

  9. Photo of Arturo Bragaglia

    Arturo Bragaglia Cast

  10. Photo of Luigi Tosi

    Luigi Tosi Cast

  11. Photo of Olinto Cristina

    Olinto Cristina Cast

  12. Photo of Enzo Cerusico

    Enzo Cerusico Cast

  13. Photo of Ellida Lorini

    Ellida Lorini Cast

  14. Photo of Guglielmo Barnabò

    Guglielmo Barnabò Cast

  15. Photo of Lola Braccini

    Lola Braccini Cast

  16. Photo of Attilio Dottesio

    Attilio Dottesio Cast

  17. Photo of Susanne Lévesy

    Susanne Lévesy Cast

  18. Photo of Valeria Moriconi

    Valeria Moriconi Cast

  19. Photo of Leonilde Montesi

    Leonilde Montesi Cast

  20. Photo of Sergio Bergonzelli

    Sergio Bergonzelli Cast

  21. Photo of Luigi Batzella

    Luigi Batzella Cast

  22. Photo of Luisa Rivelli

    Luisa Rivelli Cast

  23. Photo of Daniela Spallotta

    Daniela Spallotta Cast

  24. Photo of Carlo Carlini

    Carlo Carlini Cinematography

  25. Photo of Pippo Barzizza

    Pippo Barzizza Music

  26. Photo of Franco Lolli

    Franco Lolli Production Design

  27. Photo of Piero Regnoli

    Piero Regnoli Producer and Screenplay