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  1. Photo of Richard Lester

    Richard Lester Director

  2. Photo of Milton Subotsky

    Milton Subotsky Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Helen Shapiro

    Helen Shapiro Cast

  4. Photo of Craig Douglas

    Craig Douglas Cast

  5. Photo of John Leyton

    John Leyton Cast

  6. Photo of Chubby Checker

    Chubby Checker Cast

  7. Photo of Del Shannon

    Del Shannon Cast

  8. Photo of Gary U.S. Bonds

    Gary U.S. Bonds Cast

  9. Photo of Gene Vincent

    Gene Vincent Cast

  10. Photo of Gene McDaniels

    Gene McDaniels Cast

  11. Photo of Ottilie Patterson

    Ottilie Patterson Cast

  12. Photo of David Jacobs

    David Jacobs Cast

  13. Photo of Pete Murray

    Pete Murray Cast

  14. Photo of Alan Freeman

    Alan Freeman Cast

  15. Photo of Felix Felton

    Felix Felton Cast

  16. Photo of Arthur Mullard

    Arthur Mullard Cast

  17. Photo of Timothy Bateson

    Timothy Bateson Cast

  18. Photo of Hugh Lloyd

    Hugh Lloyd Cast

  19. Photo of Ronnie Stevens

    Ronnie Stevens Cast

  20. Photo of Frank Thornton

    Frank Thornton Cast

  21. Photo of Derek Nimmo

    Derek Nimmo Cast

  22. Photo of Arnold Diamond

    Arnold Diamond Cast

  23. Photo of Deryck Guyler

    Deryck Guyler Cast

  24. Photo of Chris Barber

    Chris Barber Cast

  25. Photo of Acker BIlk

    Acker BIlk Cast

  26. Photo of Terry Lightfoot

    Terry Lightfoot Cast

  27. Photo of Bob Wallis

    Bob Wallis Cast

  28. Photo of Gilbert Taylor

    Gilbert Taylor Cinematography

  29. Photo of Ken Thorne

    Ken Thorne Music

  30. Photo of Maurice Carter

    Maurice Carter Production Design

  31. Photo of Max Rosenberg

    Max Rosenberg Producer

  32. Photo of Bill Lenny

    Bill Lenny Editing

  33. Photo of Richard Bird

    Richard Bird Sound

  34. Photo of Ken Cameron

    Ken Cameron Sound

  35. Photo of Jim Shields

    Jim Shields Sound

  36. Photo of Ken Ritchie

    Ken Ritchie Sound