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  1. Photo of Ole Christian Madsen

    Ole Christian Madsen Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bo Hr. Hansen

    Bo Hr. Hansen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joachim Fjelstrup

    Joachim Fjelstrup Cast

  4. Photo of Marie Tourell Søderberg

    Marie Tourell Søderberg Cast

  5. Photo of Christian Gade Bjerrum

    Christian Gade Bjerrum Cast

  6. Photo of Johannes Nymark

    Johannes Nymark Cast

  7. Photo of Jakob Randrup

    Jakob Randrup Cast

  8. Photo of Ola Rapace

    Ola Rapace Cast

  9. Photo of Anette Støvelbæk

    Anette Støvelbæk Cast

  10. Photo of Julia Ragnarsson

    Julia Ragnarsson Cast

  11. Photo of Thure Lindhardt

    Thure Lindhardt Cast

  12. Photo of Jørgen Johansson

    Jørgen Johansson Cinematography

  13. Photo of Henrik Lindstrand

    Henrik Lindstrand Music

  14. Photo of Søren Schwarzberg

    Søren Schwarzberg Production Design

  15. Photo of Lars Bredo Rahbek

    Lars Bredo Rahbek Producer

  16. Photo of Bo Ehrhardt

    Bo Ehrhardt Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Birgitte Hald

    Birgitte Hald Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Søren B. Ebbe

    Søren B. Ebbe Editing

  19. Photo of Hans Møller

    Hans Møller Sound