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  1. Photo of Sergei Ainutdinov

    Sergei Ainutdinov Director

  2. Photo of Galina Kazankina

    Galina Kazankina Screenplay

  3. Photo of A. Rodionov

    A. Rodionov Cast

  4. Photo of N. Voronina

    N. Voronina Cast

  5. Photo of Alexandra Prokofyeva

    Alexandra Prokofyeva Cast

  6. Photo of N. Koroleva

    N. Koroleva Cast

  7. Photo of N. Donskaya

    N. Donskaya Cast

  8. Photo of N. Smirnova

    N. Smirnova Cast

  9. Photo of Konstantin Ineshin

    Konstantin Ineshin Cinematography

  10. Photo of Alexander Pantykhin

    Alexander Pantykhin Music

  11. Photo of Fedor Yeldinov

    Fedor Yeldinov Producer

  12. Photo of Vladimir Repin

    Vladimir Repin Producer

  13. Photo of Nadezhda Shestakova

    Nadezhda Shestakova Sound

  14. Photo of Dmitry Kupriyanov

    Dmitry Kupriyanov Animation

  15. Photo of K. Karakozyan

    K. Karakozyan Animation

  16. Photo of Natalia Belikova

    Natalia Belikova Animation

  17. Photo of R. Muravjov

    R. Muravjov Animation

  18. Photo of P. Nastanuk

    P. Nastanuk Animation

  19. Photo of Alexander Davydov

    Alexander Davydov Animation

  20. Photo of V. Pershina

    V. Pershina Animation

  21. Photo of S. Sichkar'

    S. Sichkar' Animation

  22. Photo of M. Stepansky

    M. Stepansky Animation

  23. Photo of A. Roizman

    A. Roizman Animation

  24. Photo of I. Malikhina

    I. Malikhina Animation

  25. Photo of A. Batukova

    A. Batukova Animation

  26. Photo of Dmitry Kulikov

    Dmitry Kulikov Animation

  27. Photo of Marina Tyabut

    Marina Tyabut Animation