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  1. Photo of Mark Osepyan

    Mark Osepyan Director

  2. Photo of Boris Vasilev

    Boris Vasilev Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pyotr Velyaminov

    Pyotr Velyaminov Cast

  4. Photo of Valentina Talyzina

    Valentina Talyzina Cast

  5. Photo of Yuriy Orlov

    Yuriy Orlov Cast

  6. Photo of Afanasi Kochetkov

    Afanasi Kochetkov Cast

  7. Photo of Igor Pushkaryov

    Igor Pushkaryov Cast

  8. Photo of Vera Ivleva

    Vera Ivleva Cast

  9. Photo of Vladlen Paulus

    Vladlen Paulus Cast

  10. Photo of Vladimir Sergienko

    Vladimir Sergienko Cast

  11. Photo of Nadezhda Sementsova

    Nadezhda Sementsova Cast

  12. Photo of Mikhail Yakovich

    Mikhail Yakovich Cinematography

  13. Photo of Boris Sokolov

    Boris Sokolov Music

  14. Photo of Evgeniy Bachurin

    Evgeniy Bachurin Music

  15. Photo of Nikolay Yemelyanov

    Nikolay Yemelyanov Production Design

  16. Photo of Andrey Valerianov

    Andrey Valerianov Production Design