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  1. Photo of Denis Héroux

    Denis Héroux Director

  2. Photo of Pierre David

    Pierre David Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Claude Héroux

    Claude Héroux Producer

  4. Photo of Bernard Chentrier

    Bernard Chentrier Cinematography

  5. Photo of Etiennette Muse

    Etiennette Muse Editing

  6. Photo of Claude Bolling

    Claude Bolling Music

  7. Photo of Dominique Michel

    Dominique Michel Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Lefebvre

    Jean Lefebvre Cast

  9. Photo of Francis Blanche

    Francis Blanche Cast

  10. Photo of Mylène Demongeot

    Mylène Demongeot Cast

  11. Photo of Denise Proulx

    Denise Proulx Cast

  12. Photo of Len Watt

    Len Watt Cast

  13. Photo of Barry Baldaro

    Barry Baldaro Cast

  14. Photo of Yoland Guérard

    Yoland Guérard Cast

  15. Photo of Patsy Gallant

    Patsy Gallant Cast

  16. Photo of Dave Nichols

    Dave Nichols Cast

  17. Photo of Yvan Ducharme

    Yvan Ducharme Cast

  18. Photo of André Lawrence

    André Lawrence Cast

  19. Photo of Marc Laurendeau

    Marc Laurendeau Cast