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  1. Photo of Michal Skolimowski

    Michal Skolimowski Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacek Samojlowicz

    Jacek Samojlowicz Producer and Cast

  3. Photo of Sambor Czarnota

    Sambor Czarnota Cast

  4. Photo of Magdalena Boczarska

    Magdalena Boczarska Cast

  5. Photo of Borys Szyc

    Borys Szyc Cast

  6. Photo of Ewa Hornich

    Ewa Hornich Cast

  7. Photo of Lukasz Simlat

    Lukasz Simlat Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Dereszowska

    Anna Dereszowska Cast

  9. Photo of Jan Frycz

    Jan Frycz Cast

  10. Photo of Redbad Klynstra

    Redbad Klynstra Cast

  11. Photo of Mariusz Drezek

    Mariusz Drezek Cast

  12. Photo of Michal Breitenwald

    Michal Breitenwald Cast

  13. Photo of Konrad Bugaj

    Konrad Bugaj Cast

  14. Photo of Pawel Czajor

    Pawel Czajor Cast

  15. Photo of Tomasz Turos

    Tomasz Turos Cast

  16. Photo of Aleksander Mikołajczak

    Aleksander Mikołajczak Cast

  17. Photo of Malgorzata Kozlowska

    Malgorzata Kozlowska Cast

  18. Photo of Jarosław Kamiński

    Jarosław Kamiński Cast

  19. Photo of Józef Skolimowski

    Józef Skolimowski Music, Director Screenplay

  20. Photo of Adam Sikora

    Adam Sikora Cinematography

  21. Photo of Jaroslaw Pietraszek

    Jaroslaw Pietraszek Editing

  22. Photo of Bartosz Putkiewicz

    Bartosz Putkiewicz Sound