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  1. ñiñiñi's rating of the film Jackal of Nahueltoro

  2. francisca bacon's rating of the film Jackal of Nahueltoro

    3,5 A man commits an abominable crime and in the months before the execution his transformation from nonentity to literate + useful citizen is publicized with the sensation due to a monkey that has learned computing. Amazed, society revels in the revelation it can both bestialize, driving someone to point-of-no-return despair, and tame the inner beast, all the time fondling alcohol as a pet means to keep the cauldron

  3. NatC's rating of the film Jackal of Nahueltoro

    My favourite chilean film. One of the finest examples of the neorealist influences in new chilean cinema, in a story that threatens prison logic by making the question: What came first, the criminal or the violence? A critique to chilean state just before Allende's time, and a must seen for every chilean out there.