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  1. Photo of Audrey Estrougo

    Audrey Estrougo Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Agnès Caffin

    Agnès Caffin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sophie Marceau

    Sophie Marceau Cast

  4. Photo of Marie-Sohna Conde

    Marie-Sohna Conde Cast

  5. Photo of Marie Denarnaud

    Marie Denarnaud Cast

  6. Photo of Carole Franck

    Carole Franck Cast

  7. Photo of Eye Haidara

    Eye Haidara Cast

  8. Photo of Anne Coesens

    Anne Coesens Cast

  9. Photo of Pauline Burlet

    Pauline Burlet Cast

  10. Photo of Aurore Broutin

    Aurore Broutin Cast

  11. Photo of Anne Le Ny

    Anne Le Ny Cast

  12. Photo of Suzanne Clément

    Suzanne Clément Cast

  13. Photo of Nailia Harzoune

    Nailia Harzoune Cast

  14. Photo of Guillaume Schiffman

    Guillaume Schiffman Cinematography

  15. Photo of Emmanuelle Cuillery

    Emmanuelle Cuillery Production Design

  16. Photo of Clément Calvet

    Clément Calvet Producer

  17. Photo of Jérémie Fajner

    Jérémie Fajner Producer

  18. Photo of Julie Gayet

    Julie Gayet Producer and Cast

  19. Photo of Nadia Turincev

    Nadia Turincev Producer

  20. Photo of Céline Cloarec

    Céline Cloarec Editing