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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Jailbreak

    The fight choreography is quite stellar here with scene after scene of high octane action well captured by the director's hand-held aesthetic. Unfortunately it doesn't quite stand up story wise with plot holes galore. It certainly doesn't stand up the benchmark established by the recent 'Raid' movies but martial arts fans will enjoy never the less.

  2. Martin De Martin's rating of the film Jailbreak

    La Cambogia non ha certo grande tradizione per quel che riguarda l'action movie. Pertanto c'è voluta la spinta del regista italiano Jimmy Henderson per partorire questo primo piccolo passo. Purtroppo c'è poco di interessante: il livello delle coreografie è mediocre e la regia poco ispirata, gli attori sembrano caduti dalla nuvole e i tentativi di virare sulla commedia nera fanno più piangere che ridere.

  3. Ardhi Syaifuddin's rating of the film Jailbreak

    It suffers in the story department, and watching fight scenes after fight scenes can be tiresome. The bright side is this could be the film that put Cambodia on the film made and destined to be a cult classic.

  4. HKFanatic's rating of the film Jailbreak

    "Ong-Bak," "Ip Man," "The Raid." Every five years or so, we martial arts fans are treated to a film that manages to raise some technical benchmark. "Jailbreak" serves as that next game-changer, a genuinely entertaining, genuinely funny action film in which director Jimmy Henderson's handheld camera fluidly weaves among combatants, never losing sight of our heroes and always conveying a visceral sense of impact.

  5. Miguel Plante's rating of the film Jailbreak

    Le scénario extrêmement simple est ce qui rend Jailbreak efficace: une poignée de policiers, envoyés en mission en plein coeur d'une prison de criminels complètement fous, sont pris au milieu d'une émeute générale. Ils devront combattre jusqu'à leur sortie. L'habile danse entre la caméra et les acteurs, les chorégraphies impressionnantes et le rythme général contreviennent au jeu et aux dialogues moins habiles.