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  1. Photo of Carlos Saboga

    Carlos Saboga Screenplay

  2. Photo of António-Pedro Vasconcelos

    António-Pedro Vasconcelos Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Luís Galvão Teles

    Luís Galvão Teles Producer

  4. Photo of Jani Thiltges

    Jani Thiltges Producer

  5. Photo of Claude Waringo

    Claude Waringo Producer

  6. Photo of Alain Jomy

    Alain Jomy Music

  7. Photo of Rui Veloso

    Rui Veloso Music

  8. Photo of Edgar Moura

    Edgar Moura Cinematography

  9. Photo of Frédéric Fichefet

    Frédéric Fichefet Editing

  10. Photo of Véronique Sacrez

    Véronique Sacrez Production Design

  11. Photo of Saúl Fonseca

    Saúl Fonseca Cast

  12. Photo of Fernanda Serrano

    Fernanda Serrano Cast

  13. Photo of Joaquim Leitão

    Joaquim Leitão Cast

  14. Photo of Sandro Silva

    Sandro Silva Cast

  15. Photo of Vítor Norte

    Vítor Norte Cast

  16. Photo of Guilherme Leme

    Guilherme Leme Cast

  17. Photo of Nicolau Breyner

    Nicolau Breyner Cast

  18. Photo of Rogério Samora

    Rogério Samora Cast

  19. Photo of Zita Duarte

    Zita Duarte Cast

  20. Photo of Carlos Rodrigues

    Carlos Rodrigues Cast

  21. Photo of Carla Maciel

    Carla Maciel Cast