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  1. Photo of Josef Fares

    Josef Fares Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fares Fares

    Fares Fares Cast

  3. Photo of Torkel Petersson

    Torkel Petersson Cast

  4. Photo of Tuva Novotny

    Tuva Novotny Cast

  5. Photo of Laleh Pourkarim

    Laleh Pourkarim Cast

  6. Photo of Leonard Terfelt

    Leonard Terfelt Cast

  7. Photo of Jan Fares

    Jan Fares Cast

  8. Photo of Sofi Ahlström Helleday

    Sofi Ahlström Helleday Cast

  9. Photo of Aril Wretblad

    Aril Wretblad Cinematography

  10. Photo of Daniel Lemma

    Daniel Lemma Music

  11. Photo of Anna Anthony

    Anna Anthony Producer

  12. Photo of Lars Jönsson

    Lars Jönsson Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Lukas Moodysson

    Lukas Moodysson Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Andreas Jonsson

    Andreas Jonsson Editing

  15. Photo of Michal Leszczylowski

    Michal Leszczylowski Editing