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  1. smarla's rating of the film James White

    “Most kids just, had their box of 8. Well, I had 96 too... and the thing about us is, we feel good things way up here, but we feel bad things way, way, way down there... and we gotta try and remember... it's all that space in between. We gotta try and live in there, too... Right?”

  2. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film James White

    Hard-hitting until the weak finale.

  3. Mr.Rager's rating of the film James White

    The movie is a very personal one for the director and for C.Nixon,both of them seeing the devastating effects of the cancer from so close.Nixon is a survivor of cancer.And this grief is seen so honestly in those fine performences of the actors. Hugs for Cudi,seein him in a movie like this is huge. He scored the music.His own music is also part of the inspiration behind the script. 8/10

  4. D Rhino's rating of the film James White

  5. (arc)'s rating of the film James White

    this is a film for every survivor of parent codependency. i identified with & recognized just about every main character in that film. to see the trauma loop on screen was shattering & refreshing. incredible performances, incredible film. So many stories like this yet to be told. months after seeing this, i was in a restaurant in woodstock, ny , and christopher abbott walked in! i almost fell out of my chair.

  6. Matthew Martens's rating of the film James White

    2.65. Robs us of the sour pleasures of disdainful condescension by making its poor little rich boy kind of a hero, or at least a mom-loving mensch at his marrow. Abbott, shot in almost-constant close-up, lends James' existential angst a soulfulness that roots it in something other than parental decline and demise--or else beaches it on the super-model ornamented shores of privileged emo-nihilism. Both, sure, both.

  7. Chris's rating of the film James White

    great performances, but overall nothing really stands out... memorable only for the fact that kid cudi plays a gay guy, 7/10

  8. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film James White

  9. vordven's rating of the film James White

  10. Mouraz's rating of the film James White

    Great performance by Cynthia Nixon and that's about it.

  11. Mcpeer's rating of the film James White

    Elevated by great performances, James White is nothing new but nonetheless powerful and leaves a lasting impression. At first I was bothered by the anamorphic aspect ratio, but soon then embraced how it mirrored Jame's claustrophobic, uncomfortable nature. James White is painful because of how real it is. You know people like this: lost souls who have yet to find themselves, trying to get to that next stage in life.

  12. Sprungler's rating of the film James White

    Claustrophobic, tense and full of love, James White stands by his mother in harsh moments of their lives. But the odds are not in either of their favors, so the film becomes a darker plea for understanding than many of the dramas cinema has seen lately. Sad, beautiful and down to earth? This is the story that has them all.

  13. Evan Schafer's rating of the film James White

    Already being a fan of Christopher Abbott from his role on Girls and paired with an indie flick, I knew this film would catch my attention, and it did. The character of James is a deeply complex and layered one, but it really comes down to the care of his ailing mother, supremely acted by Cynthia Nixon. Heartbreaking and pure are just two words for this work of art, and I commend director Josh Mond on his effort.

  14. Lance L O T's rating of the film James White

    It is indeed a very good film with very good performances which help the story a lot but also compete with it in the sense that some shots up close of the protagonist are not enough to get into his head, to know an understand exactly what he is going through. The scenes with his mother help a lot in that taming of this very promising actor. Real good value for money in this production

  15. -REM-'s rating of the film James White

  16. Ana Sousa's rating of the film James White

    I stood still throughout the final credits and then started shaking uncontrollably. Why isn't Nixon getting major roles every year? I always thought she was wonderful but here she just puts her fellow colleagues from the A-list to shame. Srsly, stop de JLaw/Johansson obsession and go beyond the obvious once in a while. I'm happy to see Abbott take off to bigger roles. I'll be following Mond's work closely after this.

  17. Jørgen Lien's rating of the film James White

  18. msmichel's rating of the film James White

    "We feel good things way up here, but we feel bad things way way way down there. And we gotta remember there's all this space in between" Cynthia Nixon and Christopher Abbott are both excellent in this tale of a young man stagnated in life trying to provide care for his cancer stricken mother while making poor hedonistic choices. Strong scripting and interesting visual design make a nice calling card for Josh Mond.

  19. Sónia Antunes's rating of the film James White

    3.5 A bit of an Amercian cliché. But with such a punch in the stomach in some of its final moments.

  20. José Neves's rating of the film James White

    The indie strategy is one that causes too much boredom, always anchored in "cases of life", particular examples of existential circumstances. The customary hand camera up and around the actors, that in this case is really on top of the main character, as if a "Son of Saul" in New Yok. But there is, from the concentration in the progression of the mother's illness, a performative intensity that is captivating.

  21. Bernardo Crastes's rating of the film James White

    James White is the movie. In fact, the acting is the best thing to behold here. The last 25 minutes are an emotional punch to the gut. However, the script is extremely thin and cliché-riden; it doesn't say anything new. In the end, the whole thing is forgettable.

  22. Miguel Duarte's rating of the film James White


  23. João Estevens's rating of the film James White

  24. lepetitjermey's rating of the film James White

    unfortunately a little bit boring

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