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  1. Photo of Bernard Knowles

    Bernard Knowles Director

  2. Photo of Sydney Box

    Sydney Box Producer

  3. Photo of Dorothy Christie

    Dorothy Christie Screenplay

  4. Photo of Norah Lofts

    Norah Lofts Screenplay

  5. Photo of Campbell Christie

    Campbell Christie Screenplay

  6. Photo of Geoffrey Kerr

    Geoffrey Kerr Screenplay

  7. Photo of Geoffrey Unsworth

    Geoffrey Unsworth Cinematography

  8. Photo of A. Charles Knott

    A. Charles Knott Editing

  9. Photo of Henry Geehl

    Henry Geehl Music

  10. Photo of Margaret Lockwood

    Margaret Lockwood Cast

  11. Photo of Patricia Roc

    Patricia Roc Cast

  12. Photo of Dennis Price

    Dennis Price Cast

  13. Photo of Basil Sydney

    Basil Sydney Cast

  14. Photo of Dermot Walsh

    Dermot Walsh Cast

  15. Photo of Esma Cannon

    Esma Cannon Cast

  16. Photo of Cathleen Nesbitt

    Cathleen Nesbitt Cast

  17. Photo of Linden Travers

    Linden Travers Cast

  18. Photo of Nora Swinburne

    Nora Swinburne Cast

  19. Photo of Ernest Thesiger

    Ernest Thesiger Cast

  20. Photo of Jean Cadell

    Jean Cadell Cast

  21. Photo of Grace Arnold

    Grace Arnold Cast

  22. Photo of John Laurie

    John Laurie Cast

  23. Photo of Bryan Coleman

    Bryan Coleman Cast

  24. Photo of Clive Morton

    Clive Morton Cast

  25. Photo of Torin Thatcher

    Torin Thatcher Cast

  26. Photo of Beatrice Varley

    Beatrice Varley Cast

  27. Photo of Eliot Makeham

    Eliot Makeham Cast

  28. Photo of Maurice Denham

    Maurice Denham Cast

  29. Photo of Joan Haythorne

    Joan Haythorne Cast

  30. Photo of Alan Wheatley

    Alan Wheatley Cast

  31. Photo of Hugh Pryse

    Hugh Pryse Cast