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  1. chanandre's rating of the film Jaws

    [Kino: DCP] (CinePop IV) Markl na fila da frente. Waited 13 years to see this film on a proper movie theater: it was Oh so worth the wait. Cinéphilia: that's the discipline. (review in progress...)

  2. Sam Kind's rating of the film Jaws

    One of my favorite movies about one of my favorite things; sharks! I could go on and on about this film, but to save for the amount of space we have, this film would be nothing without its editing. The shark worked for a total of ten minutes and the rest is just the use of shots from the point of view of the shark as well as stock footage and yet it still terrified 6 year old me and made my older self fall in love.

  3. Charlotte Tillieux's rating of the film Jaws

    Revisiting JAWS with a live orchestra was a more engaging, frightening and simultaneously funny experience. Oh, and it showed the power of a music theme score.

  4. Ryan O'Connor's rating of the film Jaws

    Jaws is widely known to have had a troubled production from almost day one. It was very difficult for Spielberg to get actors in the lead roles, they started shooting without a script, the shark never worked, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss hated each other, and Spielberg was threatened with being fired every single day. Somehow from all this chaos he was able to direct what is one of the greatest thrillers made.

  5. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Jaws

    Seen in ideal circumstances: Saturday night of 4th of July weekend, with a packed crowd that laughed at each joke, screamed at the floating head, and applauded Shaw's entrance. It still plays like a pivotal link between Old Hollywood and the modern blockbuster, proving how far an imaginative eye can elevate B material. But for the first time, I noticed how cleverly—and classically—it sketches its community.

  6. Rocco's rating of the film Jaws

    Easily one of the top ten finest American films of all time.

  7. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film Jaws

    Still holds up today. Great film!

  8. Luca Angelini's rating of the film Jaws

  9. Tyler Wright's rating of the film Jaws

    This film is honestly still scary and original 42 years after being released.

  10. Shawnmubi's rating of the film Jaws

    Favourite line from this film that had me shouting "yeah!!" in agreement was......... "You're gonna need a bigger boat!"

  11. FISCHER's rating of the film Jaws

    Premier film "commercial" de Steven Spielberg qui malgré quelques stéréotypes navrants et faciles, tient tout de même en haleine le spectateur attentif. Le succès du film provoqua l'apparition d'une multitude de succédanés médiocres sur la thématique "poisson-agression" souvent d'une affligeante médiocrité...

  12. marielouiseg's rating of the film Jaws

  13. Vincent T's rating of the film Jaws

    rated from memory. Actually I don't remember it all that much.

  14. Gonçalo Rosas's rating of the film Jaws

    9 - I have previously pointed to small-scale projects by the likes of Marker and Svankmajer as definitive proof that you don't need much besides brains and effort to make excellent films, as long as you control your film's scope. Say what you will about modern Spielberg, but he extended that axiom to summer blockbusters (while creating them) by getting thrills and chills out of a fake-looking rubber shark.

  15. Ana Nunura's rating of the film Jaws

    Buena post producción para la época.

  16. Etl Galcés's rating of the film Jaws

    Historically in the context that this movie was made is a great film with a lot of techniques and improving technology for 1975...

  17. Marina C.'s rating of the film Jaws

    I remember the night I watched this to be a very funny one

  18. Velvet Kitsune's rating of the film Jaws

  19. Tiagojeff's rating of the film Jaws

  20. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Jaws

    2-3. Theoretically effective pulpy horror that, for some reason, continues well past its clock and its highest stakes. I'm not sure the scares or clever editing and shot composition are enough to save this one from the narrative holes, as well as the real-life detriment it did to sharks, as admitted by the author. It's led by a likable enough Id/Ego/Superego trio, however. And Spielberg softens the machismo a bit.

  21. Arandhitio Ballagi's rating of the film Jaws

  22. Cyril Schreiber's rating of the film Jaws

  23. Diogo Monteiro's rating of the film Jaws

    Well It's Spielberg at his best! It doesn't have the bullshit sentimentality that you find in later films.

  24. Stefano Pedrocchi's rating of the film Jaws

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