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  1. Photo of André Forcier

    André Forcier Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc

    Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc Cast

  3. Photo of Céline Bonnier

    Céline Bonnier Cast

  4. Photo of Pierre-Luc Brillant

    Pierre-Luc Brillant Cast

  5. Photo of Julie du Page

    Julie du Page Cast

  6. Photo of Mario Saint-Amand

    Mario Saint-Amand Cast

  7. Photo of Gaston Lepage

    Gaston Lepage Cast

  8. Photo of David Boutin

    David Boutin Cast

  9. Photo of Rémy Girard

    Rémy Girard Cast

  10. Photo of Michel Barrette

    Michel Barrette Cast

  11. Photo of France Castel

    France Castel Cast

  12. Photo of Charles-Olivier Pelletier

    Charles-Olivier Pelletier Cast

  13. Photo of Renaud Pinet Forcier

    Renaud Pinet Forcier Cast

  14. Photo of Alice Morel-Michaud

    Alice Morel-Michaud Cast

  15. Photo of Michel Daigle

    Michel Daigle Cast

  16. Photo of Stéphane L'Ecuyer

    Stéphane L'Ecuyer Cast

  17. Photo of Michel Maillot

    Michel Maillot Cast

  18. Photo of Jean Chevalier

    Jean Chevalier Cast

  19. Photo of Roy Dupuis

    Roy Dupuis Cast

  20. Photo of Daniel Jobin

    Daniel Jobin Cinematography

  21. Photo of Gilles Aird

    Gilles Aird Production Design

  22. Photo of Linda Pinet

    Linda Pinet Producer and Editing

  23. Photo of Pascal Maeder

    Pascal Maeder Executive Producer