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  1. Photo of Charles Chauvel

    Charles Chauvel Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Elsa Chauvel

    Elsa Chauvel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Carl Kayser

    Carl Kayser Cinematography

  4. Photo of Bill Trerise

    Bill Trerise Cinematography

  5. Photo of Philip Pike

    Philip Pike Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ngarla Kunoth

    Ngarla Kunoth Cast

  7. Photo of Alex Ezard

    Alex Ezard Editing

  8. Photo of Jack Gardiner

    Jack Gardiner Editing

  9. Photo of Pam Bosworth

    Pam Bosworth Editing

  10. Photo of Ronald McDonald

    Ronald McDonald Production Design

  11. Photo of Isadore Goodman

    Isadore Goodman Music

  12. Photo of Arthur Browne

    Arthur Browne Sound

  13. Photo of Jedda Robert Tudawali

    Jedda Robert Tudawali Cast

  14. Photo of Marbuck Betty Suttor

    Marbuck Betty Suttor Cast

  15. Photo of Sarah McMann

    Sarah McMann Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Reynall

    Paul Reynall Cast

  17. Photo of Joe George Simpson

    Joe George Simpson Cast

  18. Photo of Douglas McMann

    Douglas McMann Cast

  19. Photo of Peter Wallis

    Peter Wallis Cast