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  1. Photo of Serena Cross

    Serena Cross Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Mark Cooper

    Mark Cooper Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Pamela Esterson

    Pamela Esterson Producer

  4. Photo of Merri Cyr

    Merri Cyr Cinematography and Cast

  5. Photo of Sebastian Sharples

    Sebastian Sharples Cinematography

  6. Photo of Chris Shelley

    Chris Shelley Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jeff Buckley

    Jeff Buckley Cast and Music

  8. Photo of Tim Buckley

    Tim Buckley Cast

  9. Photo of Judy Buckley

    Judy Buckley Cast

  10. Photo of Mary Guibert

    Mary Guibert Cast

  11. Photo of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Cast

  12. Photo of Larry Beckett

    Larry Beckett Cast

  13. Photo of Steve Berkowitz

    Steve Berkowitz Cast

  14. Photo of Michael J. Clouse

    Michael J. Clouse Cast

  15. Photo of Danny Fields

    Danny Fields Cast

  16. Photo of Elizabeth Fraser

    Elizabeth Fraser Cast

  17. Photo of Mick Grondahl

    Mick Grondahl Cast

  18. Photo of Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson Cast

  19. Photo of Gary Lucas

    Gary Lucas Cast

  20. Photo of Michael Tighe

    Michael Tighe Cast

  21. Photo of Lee Underwood

    Lee Underwood Cast

  22. Photo of Parker Kindred

    Parker Kindred Cast

  23. Photo of Dan Gordon

    Dan Gordon Cast

  24. Photo of Nicholas Hill

    Nicholas Hill Cast

  25. Photo of Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt Cast

  26. Photo of Jimmy Page

    Jimmy Page Cast

  27. Photo of Patti Smith

    Patti Smith Cast

  28. Photo of Chrissie Hynde

    Chrissie Hynde Cast

  29. Photo of Hal Willner

    Hal Willner Cast

  30. Photo of Rebecca Moore

    Rebecca Moore Cast

  31. Photo of Kathryn Grimm

    Kathryn Grimm Cast

  32. Photo of Andria Lisle

    Andria Lisle Cast

  33. Photo of Dave Shouse

    Dave Shouse Cast

  34. Photo of Andrew Quigley

    Andrew Quigley Editing

  35. Photo of Jo Housden

    Jo Housden Production Design

  36. Photo of Tim Wheeler

    Tim Wheeler Sound