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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Garçon Manqué's rating of the film Jenny's Wedding

    I feel like this film was aimed to be seen by conservative people cause they don't get it unless it was explained in their own language/point of view.So I think that Kitty and Jenny's apparent,maybe a little irritating,physical distance was built in order not to scare those old-fashioned,ready-to-cringe audience.But for us,who expects a full-on queer film,it was a bit of a tease.But I respect the challenge behind it.

  2. nyyssonen's rating of the film Jenny's Wedding

    This movie invites attractive and traditionally feminine presenting lesbians into "normal" society, as long as they are interested in a nuclear family with white wedding dresses, green grass, and a white picket fence. It constantly reasserts that marriage is something everyone wants and that "people with green grass are happy." It could have been more terrible though.

  3. Skinnedteen's rating of the film Jenny's Wedding

    This film feels like a big family dinner where your parents invite your relatives over and you have to listen to their heteronormative conversations about renos and your cousin's trip to the Bahamas and your aunt's second husband, and after half an hour of all that, you're just itching to leave the table. This is not really a queer film, it's an Ally film. Very Heterocentric

  4. cvalda's rating of the film Jenny's Wedding

    This was actually fairly boring despite interesting subject material. I'm always here for movies about lesbians and at least nobody died.

  5. Kyra W's rating of the film Jenny's Wedding

    I'm biased, as I'm desperate for any movies about wlw that end happily, even if this movie wasn't ABOUT their relationship. Normally, I hate movies where the focus is how someone else's struggle is affecting the family, but I thought Donoghue managed to pull it off. I thought Jenny and Kitty's relationship wasn't the healthiest, but I'm not in a position to complain: a lesbian romcom? Awesome.

  6. Diderot's rating of the film Jenny's Wedding

    Not a terrible piece of liberal-American kitsch, but definitely worth it all the way for the lovely emotional breakdowns by Linda Emond and Grace Gummer.

  7. Sarah Fonseca's rating of the film Jenny's Wedding

    Don't expect too much and you'll leave feeling something resembling the warm and fuzzies. The scenes with Jenny and Kitty are often unconvincing which is funny because lesbians, even long-term couples, are always all up in each other's space! I can't blame Jenny for not coming out to her dimwitted family; the fact that she's penalized for lying and they're not for homophobia is tiring. Gummer is a constant delight.

  8. Emily Sirko's rating of the film Jenny's Wedding

    lol this movie is bullshit. so glad the entirety of jenny's character aka being gay was able to help everyone else engage in at least semi-unique aka character-having soul searching

  9. spiderliliez's rating of the film Jenny's Wedding

    You don't get to see how the girls built their relationship as they were already "there", like best friends already married. Alexis' character is on the sidelines (just to make that clear). Yes, which is my only woe. But then again, if you missed the point, it's really about Jenny and her "family". I loved the film and what it stands for. Great script between Jenny and her parents. I cried, I smiled.. It felt good.