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  1. Photo of Zaïda Ghorab-Volta

    Zaïda Ghorab-Volta Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alexandra Jeudon

    Alexandra Jeudon Cast

  3. Photo of Alexandra Laflandre

    Alexandra Laflandre Cast

  4. Photo of Loïc Augoyard

    Loïc Augoyard Cast

  5. Photo of Violette Bermestre

    Violette Bermestre Cast

  6. Photo of Thomas Durand

    Thomas Durand Cast

  7. Photo of Benoit Dussaugey

    Benoit Dussaugey Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Dussaugey

    Maria Dussaugey Cast

  9. Photo of Pierre Milon

    Pierre Milon Cinematography

  10. Photo of Ali Belkacem

    Ali Belkacem Music

  11. Photo of Areski Belkacem

    Areski Belkacem Music

  12. Photo of Brigitte Fontaine

    Brigitte Fontaine Music

  13. Photo of Philippe Jacob

    Philippe Jacob Production Design

  14. Photo of Nicolas Blanc

    Nicolas Blanc Producer

  15. Photo of Gilles Sandoz

    Gilles Sandoz Producer

  16. Photo of Pauline Dairou

    Pauline Dairou Editing

  17. Photo of Raphael Girardot

    Raphael Girardot Sound

  18. Photo of Paolo de Jesus

    Paolo de Jesus Sound

  19. Photo of Fabienne Desflèches

    Fabienne Desflèches Costume Design