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  1. Photo of Jamil Dehlavi

    Jamil Dehlavi Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Akbar S. Ahmed

    Akbar S. Ahmed Executive Producer and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nasim Ashraf

    Nasim Ashraf Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Jane Jackson

    Jane Jackson Producer

  5. Photo of Nigel Clarke

    Nigel Clarke Music

  6. Photo of Michael Csányi-Wills

    Michael Csányi-Wills Music

  7. Photo of Nicholas D. Knowland

    Nicholas D. Knowland Cinematography

  8. Photo of Paul Hodgson

    Paul Hodgson Editing

  9. Photo of Robert M. Reitano

    Robert M. Reitano Editing

  10. Photo of Mike Porter

    Mike Porter Production Design

  11. Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee Cast

  12. Photo of James Fox

    James Fox Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Aitken

    Maria Aitken Cast

  14. Photo of Shashi Kapoor

    Shashi Kapoor Cast

  15. Photo of Richard Lintern

    Richard Lintern Cast

  16. Photo of Shireen Shah

    Shireen Shah Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Ashby

    Robert Ashby Cast

  18. Photo of Indira Varma

    Indira Varma Cast

  19. Photo of Sam Dastor

    Sam Dastor Cast

  20. Photo of Yousuf Kamal

    Yousuf Kamal Cast