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  1. Photo of Ernesto Rodrigues

    Ernesto Rodrigues Screenplay and Play

  2. Photo of Felix Bermudes

    Felix Bermudes Screenplay and Play

  3. Photo of Fernando Fragoso

    Fernando Fragoso Screenplay

  4. Photo of João Bastos

    João Bastos Play and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Óscar de Lemos

    Óscar de Lemos Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Domingas

    Maria Domingas Cast

  7. Photo of António Silva

    António Silva Cast

  8. Photo of Manuel Santos Carvalho

    Manuel Santos Carvalho Cast

  9. Photo of Teresa Casal

    Teresa Casal Cast

  10. Photo of Costinha

    Costinha Cast

  11. Photo of Alvaro de Almeida

    Alvaro de Almeida Cast

  12. Photo of Filomena Lima

    Filomena Lima Cast

  13. Photo of Aida Ultz

    Aida Ultz Cast

  14. Photo of Perdigão Queiroga

    Perdigão Queiroga Cast

  15. Photo of Fernando Garcia

    Fernando Garcia Cast

  16. Photo of Maria Emília Vilas

    Maria Emília Vilas Cast

  17. Photo of Armando Chagas

    Armando Chagas Cast

  18. Photo of Aquilino Mendes

    Aquilino Mendes Cinematography

  19. Photo of António Melo

    António Melo Music

  20. Photo of Jaime Silva Filho

    Jaime Silva Filho Music

  21. Photo of Jorge Brum do Canto

    Jorge Brum do Canto Editing, Director Screenplay

  22. Photo of Arthur Duarte

    Arthur Duarte Art Department