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Ratings & Reviews

  1. dionysus67's rating of the film John and the Road

    This litlle gem echoes Godard and Bergman; evocatively it elaborates the equation: 'loneliness is autarky' but 'autarky' is lack of reciprocal recognition both at the intimate level and amidst national (Greek junta) and international (Vietnam war) upheaval. The noisy 'throwness' of being-in-the world matches the cacophony of a world in turmoil, spiraling in the ultimate silence of an ideologically abstract 'autarky'.

  2. francisca bacon's rating of the film John and the Road

    puzzles me how the reward for someone aching w/ 'world's pain' is so easily petty, selfish, ordinary love; how self-proclaimed selfless activists end up as fearing, comfortable and conforming bourgeois. the detour was a smokescreen. hormonal domestication is all it takes to unfang.