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  1. Photo of Allan Miller

    Allan Miller Director and Producer

  2. Photo of John Cage

    John Cage Self

  3. Photo of Merce Cunningham

    Merce Cunningham Self

  4. Photo of Marcel Duchamp

    Marcel Duchamp Self

  5. Photo of Yoko Ono

    Yoko Ono Self

  6. Photo of Laurie Anderson

    Laurie Anderson Self

  7. Photo of Robert Rauschenberg

    Robert Rauschenberg Self

  8. Photo of Margaret Leng Tan

    Margaret Leng Tan Self

  9. Photo of Calvin Tompkins

    Calvin Tompkins Self

  10. Photo of David Tudor

    David Tudor Self

  11. Photo of Bernie Wagenblast

    Bernie Wagenblast Self

  12. Photo of Nam June Paik

    Nam June Paik Self

  13. Photo of John Rockwell

    John Rockwell Self

  14. Photo of Calvin Tomkins

    Calvin Tomkins Self

  15. Photo of Richard Kostelanetz

    Richard Kostelanetz Self

  16. Photo of Charlotte Moorman

    Charlotte Moorman Self

  17. Photo of Vivian Perlis

    Vivian Perlis Producer and Screenplay

  18. Photo of Susan Kaplan

    Susan Kaplan Producer

  19. Photo of Lori Perlow

    Lori Perlow Producer

  20. Photo of Susan Lacy

    Susan Lacy Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Mark Brownstone

    Mark Brownstone Editing