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  1. Photo of Don Coscarelli

    Don Coscarelli Director, Screenplay, Editing Producer

  2. Photo of Mario David

    Mario David Screenplay

  3. Photo of Brad Baruh

    Brad Baruh Producer

  4. Photo of Daniel Carey

    Daniel Carey Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Paul Giamatti

    Paul Giamatti Executive Producer and Cast

  6. Photo of Andy Meyers

    Andy Meyers Producer

  7. Photo of Roman Perez

    Roman Perez Producer

  8. Photo of Brian Tyler

    Brian Tyler Music

  9. Photo of Mike Gioulakis

    Mike Gioulakis Cinematography

  10. Photo of Donald Milne

    Donald Milne Editing

  11. Photo of Todd Jeffery

    Todd Jeffery Production Design

  12. Photo of Mark Henry

    Mark Henry Sound

  13. Photo of Grant Waters

    Grant Waters Sound

  14. Photo of Chase Williamson

    Chase Williamson Cast

  15. Photo of Rob Mayes

    Rob Mayes Cast

  16. Photo of Clancy Brown

    Clancy Brown Cast

  17. Photo of Glynn Turman

    Glynn Turman Cast

  18. Photo of Doug Jones

    Doug Jones Cast

  19. Photo of Daniel Roebuck

    Daniel Roebuck Cast

  20. Photo of Fabianne Therese

    Fabianne Therese Cast

  21. Photo of Jonny Weston

    Jonny Weston Cast

  22. Photo of Jimmy Wong

    Jimmy Wong Cast

  23. Photo of Tai Bennett

    Tai Bennett Cast

  24. Photo of Ethan Erickson

    Ethan Erickson Cast