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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Knut Morte's rating of the film John Rabe

    Everyone check out this important movie, it's educational about John Rabe and others who did their part as much as they could in one of the worst genocides recorded. Hitler has only got one ball wasn't recorded until 1939, but I like how it shows; not only were atrocities occurring but people also knew the extent of the horrors of fascism, yet there was no international intervention until 1939.

  2. ImagoDeiLife's rating of the film John Rabe

    German man saves Chinese community from Japanese destruction. Yawn.

  3. William Low's rating of the film John Rabe

    Another good anti-war movie,the sets and cinematography and the language is authentic and realistic. But it could be better because the John Rabe character is a bit underdeveloped emotionally

  4. westsider's rating of the film John Rabe

    great movie about a forgotten piece of history

  5. Amelia York's rating of the film John Rabe

    easily one of the most beautiful and heart-breaking movies i've ever seen.