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  1. Photo of Charles Frend

    Charles Frend Director

  2. Photo of Michael Balcon

    Michael Balcon Producer

  3. Photo of S.C. Balcon

    S.C. Balcon Producer

  4. Photo of T.E.B. Clarke

    T.E.B. Clarke Screenplay

  5. Photo of Roy Kellino

    Roy Kellino Cinematography

  6. Photo of Michael Truman

    Michael Truman Editing

  7. Photo of Clifton Parker

    Clifton Parker Music

  8. Photo of Fran├žoise Rosay

    Fran├žoise Rosay Cast

  9. Photo of Tom Walls

    Tom Walls Cast

  10. Photo of Patricia Roc

    Patricia Roc Cast

  11. Photo of Ralph Michael

    Ralph Michael Cast

  12. Photo of Paul Dupuis

    Paul Dupuis Cast

  13. Photo of Frederick Piper

    Frederick Piper Cast

  14. Photo of Arthur Hambling

    Arthur Hambling Cast

  15. Photo of Bill Blewitt

    Bill Blewitt Cast

  16. Photo of James Harcourt

    James Harcourt Cast

  17. Photo of James Knight

    James Knight Cast

  18. Photo of John Stone

    John Stone Cast