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  1. Photo of Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire

    Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Emmanuel Dongala

    Emmanuel Dongala Screenplay

  3. Photo of Benoît Jaubert

    Benoît Jaubert Producer

  4. Photo of Mathieu Kassovitz

    Mathieu Kassovitz Producer

  5. Photo of Marc Koninckx

    Marc Koninckx Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jackson Tennessee Fourgeaud

    Jackson Tennessee Fourgeaud Music

  7. Photo of Christophe Minie

    Christophe Minie Cast

  8. Photo of Daisy Victoria Vandy

    Daisy Victoria Vandy Cast

  9. Photo of Elisa Larrière

    Elisa Larrière Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Alexandre Lippens

    Alexandre Lippens Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Stéphane Elmadjian

    Stéphane Elmadjian Editing

  12. Photo of Alex Vivet

    Alex Vivet Production Design

  13. Photo of Yves Coméliau

    Yves Coméliau Sound

  14. Photo of Dagbeh Tweh

    Dagbeh Tweh Cast

  15. Photo of Barry Chernoh

    Barry Chernoh Cast

  16. Photo of Mohammed Sesay

    Mohammed Sesay Cast

  17. Photo of Leo Boyeneh Kote

    Leo Boyeneh Kote Cast

  18. Photo of Prince Kotie

    Prince Kotie Cast