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  1. Photo of Jean Image

    Jean Image Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Paul Colline

    Paul Colline Screenplay and Voice

  3. Photo of Eraine

    Eraine Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fred Pasquali

    Fred Pasquali Voice

  5. Photo of Suzy Dornac

    Suzy Dornac Voice

  6. Photo of Kostia Tchikine

    Kostia Tchikine Cinematography

  7. Photo of René Cloërec

    René Cloërec Music

  8. Photo of Pierre Baudin

    Pierre Baudin Production Design

  9. Photo of René Sarazin

    René Sarazin Sound

  10. Photo of Denis Boutin

    Denis Boutin Animation

  11. Photo of Marcel Breuil

    Marcel Breuil Animation

  12. Photo of Albert Champeaux

    Albert Champeaux Animation

  13. Photo of O'Klein

    O'Klein Animation