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  1. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    A loving couple working their way through the normal struggles of their lives. The most profound thing that comes from this film is the mantra about the way to live one's life. It is suggested not to live it "as if" but to live it "like that." This philosophy permeates the film and is its core theme. Again, it doesn't lead to heightened drama, but more of a speculative concept of living.

  2. koolacct's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    a film for dialogue! A slice of life that seems to keep up the pace, is playful, philosophical, personal with just a touch of overt (not so blatant as it is simply part of life) what might be "comfortable" eroticism (?), that remains grounded throughout.

  3. yohkcub's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    This film focuses on love through struggle and hardships. The experiences that make us human. It is filmed beautifully and it captures everyday life well. Filled with diversity, philosophy, romance. This film makes me want to travel and love.

  4. Eric Miller's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    This movie had a difficult storyline to keep up with. The movie did do a great job in dialogue it really made you think about life in a new way. I really enjoyed the parts with his father you can tell the wisdom that his father was portrayed to him. Also, the cinematography was great the switch they made to the first person near the end of the movie gave that scene a more personal feel to it.

  5. Max.Madrid's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

  6. shihlun's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    To put this film in a more critical and historical perspective, one should first watch "Jonas Who Will Be 25 In The Year of 2000" (1976) written by Tanner and John Berger.

  7. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    Dont do "as if" but "like that"

  8. captainfez's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    "I always wanted to act in the theatre!" (makes amateur porno)

  9. Arthur Freitas's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    It's hard to describe what this watching this film felt like. It's not only personal, it's true, honest with who it seems to portrays. JONAS AND LILA is an amazing tour de force of the generation that it shows. Our dreams are gone. The end of the world is here. It's unbearable. It's lucky the one who loves someone, and is loved back.

  10. lou.'s rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    Dans son ensemble, c'est un beau film, plein des questions intéressantes, aussi que des références et dialogues philosophiques et littéreaires à la manière toute française qui j'aime; mais flottante dans la réalisation, à fois déconnectée. D'ailleure, Renoir ne pouvait pas penser «le cinéma sans eau». Jonas est un 'homme à la caméra', engagé au cinéma, à l'amitié, à l'amour [bien que l'alliance soit à droit].

  11. findfilm's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    A typically French film concerning the living of a life of struggle where personal relationships are paramount. Empathy is a strong theme as is loss and the protagonists interest in film and philosophy provide a tangible theme for the story set at the start of the new millennium. Ultimately though the film is true to it's title and it is the integrity in the core relationship that binds it all together so well.

  12. zi's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    Low budget but decently shot overall. Some of the plot twists/ story elements seem implausible, but on the plus side there's an immediacy to it which is engaging.

  13. Laura Suffield's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    Dull and bitty. Acting not good either.

  14. Melodynelson's rating of the film Jonas and Lila

    When is this film going to be released on DVD?